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    Radiant helps the world's most respected ministries solve their most demanding marketing, communications and technological challenges. We work with organizations that are deeply committed to following Christ.

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    At Radiant, we often encounter ministries and churches tempted by services offering to flood social media with large volumes of content at incredibly low costs. While the appeal of constant activity might seem enticing, it’s the quality of content that truly drives success on social media. Here are seven reasons why focusing on high-quality content is the strategic choice for meaningful engagement and long-term growth.

    Helping our clients move away from the all-too-common practice of self-diagnosing their own marketing and communications problems often leads to brand breakthroughs that propel their organizations forward. In our experience, it’s really hard to read the label from inside the bottle. While you may have important insights about the state of your brand, problems get solved when ministries welcome objective input from experts who care about advancing their mission.

    Businesses and charities all know that you need to thank your customers and donors. But do they do it? When was the last time you thanked your most loyal customers — those who put their trust in you and your products? Or, if you’re leading a charity, how often do you express your gratitude to those who part ways with their hard-earned money to help you advance your mission?

    Our Work Speaks for Itself

    For almost three decades, leading ministries have relied on our expertise to deliver world-class UX, innovative communications strategies, and advanced technology platforms.

    At a Glance The Gideons has been an iconic Christian organization in Canada for over 110 years. When the organization decided to undergo some significant changes in their ministry, they hired Radiant to help dream up their new brand. We designed the new ShareWord Global brand, and when they were ready to fully embrace the ShareWord Global name,

    Compassion Canada

    Engaging Ministry Donors Through Iterative Design and UX

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    At a Glance Compassion is one of the world’s leading child development organizations. They have successfully revolutionized the fight against global poverty through partnership with the local church. Radiant (Bark's charitable division) was hired to re-imagine their primary donor system, My Compassion, and help solve the challenge of
    At a Glance InterVarsity is a non-profit organization that works to introduce students to Jesus through summer camps, high school programing, university campus ministries, and in the workplace. We originally worked with one of their summer camps, Ontario Pioneer Camp, to grow camper registration by strategically capturing the camp’s brand
    At a Glance Sandy Cove is an all-inclusive, year-round retreat center located on the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay in North East, Maryland. Sandy Cove looked to Radiant to solve several very complex problems that required a unique approach to navigate. Attendance was down, and innovative solutions were lacking. Putting our heads together, we
    At A Glance What began as a mission of two Christian women to feed, clothe and educate the children and families of one of the poorest neighborhoods in Wilmington, Delaware, continues today. From those humble beginnings in 1927, the work and reach of Neighborhood House have expanded, allowing them to serve low-to-moderate income communities

    Camino Global

    129-Year-Old Ministry Reaches a New Generation of Supporters

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    At a Glance Camino Global is a missions organization that seeks to make disciples among Spanish speakers around the globe. Radiant had the opportunity to design and execute a complete rebrand of the ministry. Five years later, they came to us at a time when information technology was being revolutionized — digital was becoming king,