SPARK Analysis

Funding your mission starts with a spark.

Partnering with you to improve the efficacy of your fundraising is something we’re passionate about. Our model grew out of our experience helping missionally-minded organizations not only raise money but enhance their branding and communications.

We understand the importance of the whole fundraising ecosystem — from digital strategy to print and direct mail to deepening donor engagement — and how everything works together to augment your ability to fund your mission.

In order to bring the most value to the organizations we work with, we don’t start with tools, tactics, or strategies, as important as those things are. We begin with a deep dive into how you currently fundraise, starting with your story.

What emerges during that review — what we call the SPARK Analysis™ — are a series of recommendations you can use to increase the support you receive from donors. 

To consistently spark generosity among your constituents, you need to pay attention to the five key predictors of fundraising success. Together, they form the basis of how we evaluate your development efforts.

When you’re ready to take the next step, here’s a snapshot of the model we use to gauge what’s working and what’s not:


We start with your story. Why? Because when it comes to fundraising, the story you tell shapes outcomes, for better or worse.


We dig into your process. Why? Because the process you use to retain existing donors and attract new ones is crucial to fundraising success.


We explore all the ways you ask for support. Why? Because whether written or verbal, how you ask for support matters, and what you’re asking for matters too.


We evaluate the relationship you have with key donors. Why? Because you garner the most generous support from those with whom you have a relationship.


We assess your kindness quotient. Why? Because kindness is compelling and makes a difference in fundraising.

S.P.A.R.K Analysis, by Radiant

We realize it takes money to fund the programs and services you offer, and that there are real people who count on you to deliver on the promises you make. None of that is easy or cheap.

If you believe your organization could benefit from Radiant’s SPARK Analysis, please send us a note.

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