The Gideons has been an iconic Christian organization in Canada for over 110 years. Over the last number of years, Radiant has had the opportunity to work with Gideons through a renaming process to ShareWord Global. From there, they hired Radiant to be their marketing department and spearhead their year-long brand launch campaign.

We are thrilled to announce two things:

Firstly, through a traditional PR campaign (features in magazines, talk show appearances, podcasts), we were able to reach over 16 million people!  That’s in addition to 50,000 people reached through influencer marketing, plus a 48,129% reach increase on Facebook through organic posts and paid ads.

The new brand has been tremendously embraced, and ShareWord has seen a large uptick in donations because of it.  

More recently, we were elated to win a Bronze Ace Award for Brand Development Campaign of the Year, by the Canadian Public Relations Society. That is a MASSIVE deal. Other Bronze Ace Award winners include Coke Canada and Volvo.

You can read more about our efforts with ShareWord / Gideons in Our Work section.