For many years, churches have struggled with how to setup digital signage in their lobbies and throughout their church. Digital signage is useful for displaying announcements, missionary news, Bible trivia, inspirational Scripture, and other videos and image slides.

Most churches resort to running long cables from computers to TVs, or in some cases, purchasing an expensive Android box that they have to maintain separately. 

Introducing Radiant Digital Church – a new and improved way of powering your church with digital signage. With Radiant Digital Church, all you need is a TV and an Amazon Fire TV Stick (~ $50), and you’re off to the races. 

Watch the Overview (6 minutes):

With Radiant Digital Church, you can schedule whatever content you want on any one of your TVs. You can choose from a combination of our media (inspirational sides, Scripture, Bible trivia) and your own media, which can be securely uploaded through the web. You can also subscribe to partner Content Channels, which gives you access to even more media.

Radiant Digital Church

Where the power of Radiant Digital Church really shines – is in its ability to collaborate with a group or denomination. Picture this: Your church is part of a denomination of churches throughout your region. Your church has its content that they want to display regularly (announcements, events, etc.), but as part of the denomination, you also get access to the denomination's shared content which they have created. Think "missionary slides" (shared missionaries between all the churches), "district events," etc. By having one central communication hub, when the group (denomination/district) makes an addition/update, each church can automatically syndicate the content on whatever church's TVs they like. Everything is fully customizable.

Radiant Digital Church costs $19/m per device, or you can save 50% per device by choosing 10 (or more) devices.

If you're part of a church with less than 50 people or you need a bit of help with the cost, let us know, and we will do our best to help you out.

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