By now, you’ve heard about the new social platform that’s landed on the scene. Meta’s Threads is positioning itself as the soon-to-be champion text-based social app — and for them, the timing couldn’t be better. Threads is riding the wake of Twitter’s recent controversy surrounding Elon Musk’s introduction of ‘read limits’ — a new feature that limited the number of tweets an unverified user can view in a day. 

Enter Threads: The ‘Twitter-killer.’  

This is an exciting time for marketers. As of right now, there’s been no mention of advertising opportunities on the platform, but there’s no doubt that’s coming soon. For digital marketers who’ve built a workflow around Meta’s Ads Manager, which makes running ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram fairly simple, the introduction of Threads to Meta’s app lineup will probably make for easy advertising on the platform. Like with Instagram, we predict a simple Threads check-box to be added to Ads Manager, allowing you to easily deliver your ad campaign across the platform if you wish.  

And it’s something marketers should start planning for. We may see brands reallocating their Twitter ad budget to Threads very soon. Here’s why: 

  1. Threads has had 30 million sign-ups in less than a day. And that number is growing.
  2. The seamless sign-up process for Instagram users (2.35 billion people) is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Your profile and community from Instagram isbasically waiting for you on Threads — making signing up incredibly easy. And honestly, pretty fun!
  3. There’s no learning-curve. The app feels so familiar. (Again, because it is essentially a Twitter rip-off.) Users never had to guess how to use the platform — it’s already so intuitive. 

We are excited to see the opportunities that monetization provides organizations for achieving their marketing goals.

We’ve been watching how non-profits are beginning to make their mark on Threads, and we thought you may enjoy seeing some of the fun ways they've been doing so: 

Ryan Johnston
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