At a Glance

Muskoka Woods is a premiere camp and event center in Rosseau, Ontario. They realized that to continue on the path of excellence, they would need a complete overhaul of their brand, marketing, and technology systems.

We worked with Muskoka Woods to develop a strategy that would change the way “Muskoka Woods did camp.” This resulted in a creative brand campaign that effectively reached both parents and teens, as well as an entirely new I/T infrastructure which included an online registration system, CRM platform, and H/R toolset. Registrations, health records, schedules, program data, camp fees, cabin records, job applications, historical data – and everything in between – were built into this securely managed ERP platform explicitly designed for Muskoka Woods. 

This new I/T infrastructure and the marketing campaign saved Muskoka Woods hundreds of thousands of dollars over the following years and established a brand presence that placed them as one of the top 10 camps in North America.

Here are some highlights regarding the custom ERP:

  • Built a system that no other firm, other than IBM, would even quote on
  • Did it at 1/4 the price that IBM quoted
  • Did it on time and budget
  • Within two years, Muskoka Woods saved enough on postage and transaction fees alone to pay for the cost of the project

John McAuley, Executive Director of Muskoka Woods notes, “Radiant has an incredible ability to meet the expectations of clients which contribute to both creative and bottom-line outcomes.”

Our Contribution

  • Complete brand overhaul
  • Custom ERP platform
  • Online registration system
  • CRM
  • H/R system
  • Website initiatives
  • Digital design
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Digital and print advertising