At a Glance

Shortly after Radiant's inception, we had a dream to create a clothing brand for women — something that would offer a positive alternative to what was available at the time. From the day Eliora Clothing was founded, Radiant was intimately involved in all aspects of the business. We carried out our vision by building a brand that spoke to young women in similar ways to the top brands at the time — but with one distinct difference: the brand and the product told God’s story. 

Eliora means “God is my light” in Hebrew. Seeing women get excited about the brand was awesome. Eventually, we specialized our product at Radiant and decided to do full-time brand agency work, thus ending the Eliora Clothing brand. 

Our Contribution

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand design
  • Clothing design
  • Sticker and accessory design
  • Print advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • E-commerce website