A quick backstory.

Back in 1996, when we first started Radiant, Christian organizations would hire us to help them solve their biggest technology challenges. The majority of those solutions came in the form of website overhauls, content management systems, donor platforms and ERPs (enterprise resource platforms). But as time went on, people started hiring us to assist them with their brand: strategy, positioning, print material, advertising, digital media and so on. Almost 30 years later, we’re now known as a company that helps the world’s most respected ministries solve their most demanding marketing, communications and technological challenges. 

About five years ago, we took some time to pause and reflect on the previous 20+ years of helping thousands of churches and hundreds of parachurch ministries. We asked ourselves this question: “Is what we’re doing really helping the ministries we serve?” Now, I know that’s a loaded question. Certainly, we’ve been blessed to help many amazing churches and ministries over the years. And thanks be to God, the number of people who have been impacted by the ministries we serve has been remarkable. But what about now? Are we really helping them?

Here’s where we landed.

While we certainly don’t mind jumping in to complete one-off projects, we now can say without any hesitation that our clients are far better off when they include us as part of their marketing and communications teams. There are several reasons why, which I’ll get into, but ultimately it comes down to our strategic approach, which is unapologetically focused on brand health. Helping our clients move away from the all-too-common practice of self-diagnosing their own marketing and communications problems often leads to brand breakthroughs that propel their organizations forward. 

In our experience, it’s really hard to read the label from inside the bottle. While you may have important insights about the state of your brand, problems get solved when ministries welcome objective input from experts who care about advancing their missions through more effective marketing and communications.

Here are some of the things we regularly hear from ministries:

  • We would be more successful if we just posted more on social media.
  • If we wrote more articles, people would understand us more.
  • If we sent out more newsletters, we would get more donors.
  • If we could just hire the right key people in key areas (i.e., Marketing & Communications, Design, Video, Social, Writing, Donor Development, you fill in the blanks), then our problems would be solved.
  • If our team did a better job at storytelling, then we would grow the ministry. 
  • If we returned to our roots and did more direct mail, people would know about us again.
  • If we could find the right PR firm, the world would know about the best-kept secret in the ministry world.
  • If… If… If…

10 reasons to hire Radiant.

So, without further ado, let me give you ten reasons to consider partnering with Radiant as the solution to expanding your in-house marketing and communications team.

  1. Informed Objectivity: Radiant brings a fresh, outside perspective that can challenge your ministry’s usual way of thinking and introduce new concepts and strategies that hadn’t been considered before.

  2. Expertise and Experience: Radiant employs a team of professionals with specialized skills and experience. We’re immersed in the trends, tools and strategies that amplify your marketing and communications.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness: While you may have the perception that hiring a firm like ours could be expensive, it is likely far more cost-effective. Radiant provides a range of services under a single contract, eliminating the need for multiple employee salaries, benefits, employee taxes, training, vacation planning, HR time and other related costs. But the real value is in the results, which are often significantly greater when we’re part of your team.

  4. Scalability and Flexibility: Radiant can scale our services up or down based on your ministry’s needs. This flexibility allows for adjustments in strategy or focus without the need to hire or lay off staff, which can be both time-consuming and costly. Think brand strategy, design, video production, social media, copywriting, web and technology development, photography, print media, public relations and SEO. These are all things that you will likely need throughout the year and would take several senior-level employees to make it happen, especially if you want to do it well.

  5. Broader Skill Set and Creativity: Radiant brings diverse skills and creative ideas from working with hundreds of ministries for over 25 years.
    Our team's extensive background extends beyond ministry work to encompass corporate marketing and communications, offering a distinctive vantage point. This diversity will lead to more innovative and effective marketing strategies tailored to your specific ministry’s needs.

  6. Focus on Your Core Activities: Partnering with Radiant allows your ministry to focus on its core activities without being bogged down by the intricacies of brand management, marketing strategies, technology initiatives and content creation.

  7. Risk Mitigation: Radiant’s experience and knowledge in the field can help mitigate risks associated with marketing and technology, such as compliance with advertising laws and regulations, understanding platform-specific nuances (i.e. the latest social media changes), security and web-specific compliance, and navigating the complexities of digital marketing.

  8. Time-Savings: The process of recruiting, hiring and onboarding new employees is time-consuming. By hiring Radiant, your ministry can accomplish its marketing and communications efforts more quickly.

  9. Consistent Branding and Quality Control: Radiant maintains a high standard of work and will ensure that all content and strategies are aligned with your ministry’s branding and quality standards. In fact, we’ve created a roadmap that we live by called our Four Pillars of Branding: HonestyQualityFrequency and Consistency. [Download the map here.]

  10. Core-Value Alignment: Radiant desires to work with ministries that are deeply committed to following Christ. When you partner with Radiant, you're getting a team that's aligned with your core values. We're not building your kingdom; we're partnering with you to proclaim His Kingdom.

Ultimately, the decision to partner with Radiant instead of expanding your ministry’s in-house staff depends on your specific needs, budget and long-term goals. It may be that you have organization-specific roles that simply must be internal. But for the roles that don’t, the next time you’re thinking about making another hire, at least consider what a partnership like this would mean for your ministry. Drop us a line; we would love to chat.

Ray Majoran
Ray Majoran CEO

Ray is the CEO of Bark Communications, focusing his efforts on building culture, creativity, strategic partnerships, and innovative technology solutions.