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Over the past decade, there has been a steady uptick in security breaches and unauthorized access to user accounts across the various digital platforms we use daily. These breaches affect the majority of web-based tools, from banking, email services and social media, to critical infrastructure. Threats like this pose a significant challenge to organizations and individuals alike.

In this day and age, ministries have thousands of different options when it comes building and managing their website. But the last few years have introduced new challenges that have many ministries looking for a better solution. Usability, security, and scalability are real problems that require real answers. Today I’ll explore one product that may just provide the answer that you’ve been searching for. 

As someone who has experienced seasons of bone-deep fatigue in the past, I’m writing from a place of profound empathy for leaders who are at their breaking points. Burnout is a terrible price to pay for neglecting what your body and soul are telling you: If you don’t slow down with intention and find ways to rest deeply, you will not make it.