Professional Background

Tom spent the first twelve years of his career developing products and services for a US-based publisher, a job that included a five-year stint as the managing editor of their flagship publication. It was there that he learned the power of story to drive change. 

Those early lessons as a project manager, content creator, instructional designer, and organizational strategist have served him well in subsequent leadership roles. More than anything else, curiosity and active listening are at the heart of his consultative approach. 

Service Area

With over twenty-five years’ experience helping organizations reach their goals through strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, and communications, Tom loves coming alongside leaders and their teams to make ideas tangible. Foundational to his understanding of success is that it’s never singular. Growth is an endlessly iterative process that only happens with the help of others. 

Personal Interests

When Tom's not helping businesses and nonprofits accomplish their objectives, he’s usually planning his next trip to South Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa, two regions of the world that captured his heart almost twenty years ago. And when he’s not doing that, he’s spending time with his family — the best experiences are the ones he shares with them.